Financial modelling standard – webinar recording. Our thanks to Kenny Whitelaw-Jones and Full Stack Modeller for arranging a webinar to discuss Financial Modelling Standards: where are we and what’s next? Andrew Berkley (representing the FAST Standard Organisation) joined Rickard Wärnelid (Mazars), David Lyford-Smith (ICAEW) and Danielle Stein Fairhurst (Plum Solutions) in an engaging and wide-ranging discussion. You can do watch the video here


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Open oil Lebanon (May 2020): Financial analysis of the potential of the Lebanon offshore gas sector

Open Oil Guyana (Feb 2020): Financial analysis around contentious negotiation between government and ExxonMobil. Download the report and model

Open Oil Saudi Arabia (Dec 2019): Official and third-party valuations for the IPO are excessive due to the underestimation of energy transition and Saudi geopolitics.

InVhestia /Open Oil Turkana Model (2018): A financial model to address several questions of public interest

F1F9 Model (2019): Example financial model built with the FAST Standard

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Essential Financial Modelling – free Gridlines course. Learn to build a complete three statement financial model from scratch, based on a solar acquisition case study. Based on FAST standard.

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