The FAST Standard Organisation is a not-for-profit organisation charged with protecting, promoting, and developing the FAST Standard.

Established in 2011, the FAST Standard Organisation Limited (FSO) was set up with the specific aim of protecting, promoting, and further developing the FAST Standard.

The FSO is a not-for-profit entity (a membership based company limited by guarantee with a non-distribution clause) registered in the United Kingdom, Company No. 07617819, Registered Office: First floor, 10 Temple Back, Bristol, England, BS1 6FL, United Kingdom. In other words, the FSO does not have shareholders and it cannot distribute profits to its members.

In setting-up the FSO, all previous intellectual property rights in the FAST Standard were gifted by John Richter, Morten Siersted, and Kenny Whitelaw-Jones to the FSO. This was done by way of a formal ‘Deed of Assignment by way of Gift’. In turn, the FSO has made FAST an open standard whereby anyone is free to use it.

The FSO is managed under the guidance of an Advisory Board and Moderation Board.

The Advisory Board advises on the FSO on its overall objectives, namely of promoting, developing, and protecting the FAST Standard. This includes advising on FSO governance, financial sustainability, certification and accreditation. Current members are:

Ian Bennett (Partner, PwC)

Jerome Brice (Partner, Mazars)

Johnny West (Founder, OpenOil)

Kees Horchner (Director, RebelGroup)

Morten Siersted (Director, F1F9)

Kenny Whitelaw-Jones (Partner, Apricum)

Phillip Woolley (Partner, Grant Thornton)

The Moderation Board advises the FSO on revisions to the FAST Standard itself, including the publication of new versions of the FAST Standard document. Current members are:

Giles Male (Director, Clarity Consultancy Services)

Andrew Berkley (Director, F1F9)

Tom Brichieri-Colombi (Partner, Mazars)

John Richter (Director, Financial Mechanics)

Stuart Smith (Associate Director, Grant Thornton)